Sheepskin is a natural and durable fabric made to withstand the elements, which makes it a popular material for winter clothing. And with winter fast approaching, it’s time to start arranging your winter wardrobe. If you are in the market for a real sheepskin coat to keep you warm in these upcoming months, then look no further than Cromford Leather as we specialise in not just leather tailoring but sheepskin and shearling tailoring and alterations too.

Sheepskin and shearling coats are not only comfortable but very fashionable too. They will need to be tailored to fit you, otherwise it is noticeable. We also strongly recommend getting alterations completed by professionals (such as ourselves) because if they are not performed correctly there can be irreversible damage to your garment. We have years of experience handling sheepskin and shearling making us the ideal choice for alterations.

Real Sheepksin Coat


Browse through our Mens Collection here for sheepskin and shearling coats.

Knighton is a classic Mens double breasted sheepskin coat, made with a beautiful, soft shearling and features a suede binding for a clean and classy finished edge.

Keitel is an unfussy shearling bomber featuring a centre-front zip, two zipper pockets and strap detail on the collar.

Eastwood Sheepskin is a timeless, double breasted military coat in luxury stone coloured sheepskin with ecru wool is the height of winter style and comfort. This coat features a deep collar with beautiful leather strapping and antique brass buckles, military buttons, epaulettes and a half belt on the back.