Douglas leather flying jacket; Cromford Leather’s orchestration of the legendary Irvin flying jacket.  A very special flying jacket, the Douglas employs our signature technique of mounting lusciously soft shearling onto strong leather hide, making it possible that the Douglas will outlive the owner.  At Cromford Leather we have repaired numerous flying jackets from WWII, unfortunately all of which have a cracked outer which can only be patched, not repaired.  This is due to the underside of sheepskin naturally not being as durable as a leather hide, so ultimately will perish. To counter this, we have developed our technique of mounting the sheepskin on to leather, adding decades to the life of the jacket. 

The Douglas boasts a myriad of features, including handmade leather strapping with antique silver buckles, moleskin pockets for warmth and comfort whilst not being bulky.  The leather itself is a rich, heavy cow hide which is surprisingly supple given its weight.  Over time, the leather will mould to your body shape, develop a patina and become very personalised. 

Practical strapping on collars for extra cold days and reliable, Swiss RiRi zips at centre front and pockets. 

Made in London by our small team of highly experienced, specialist tailors. 

For a personalised fit and/or any specific requests or modifications, we can offer our Made To Measure option at £4,375.  Please contact us about any requirements you may have.  We can accommodate a variety of requests, as every single garment is made in-house, by us.