Now that I’ve got your attention I’d like to take this opportunity to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about our alterations service and leather jacket alterations in London in general. It’s not particularly dangerous to be honest (unless we’re hungry and holding sharp things). That was a lie, for which I apologise, but you probably wouldn’t be reading this otherwise and I would spend the rest of my days explaining why we can’t make your leather jacket bigger. I’m saving everybody’s time.

Leather Jacket Alterations In London

What garments do you alter?

We aren’t just here for your leather jacket alteration needs; bring us your coats, waistcoats, shirts, trousers, skirts, lederhosen…surprise us! What we can’t alter are shoes and bags; these require special machinery that we don’t have because we are specialist garment makers. Accessories are a grey area as again due to machinery requirements some things we can do and other we can’t. It very much varies from accessory to accessory so by all means get in touch to ask us and we’ll see what we can do.

Do you clean leather?

No. We alter and make garments but don’t do any cleaning or surface work such as dying etc.

Do you alter fur and sheepskin?

Fur no – again not our area of expertise. Sheepskin however, absolutely. One particular type of alteration we do often is resizing/restyling vintage sheepskin coats. This can be pricey as there is a lot of work involved, but the transformation from an old, out-of-date or oversized garment to a completely re-cut, well-fitting piece is worth it!

Leather Jacket Alterations In London At Cromford Leather

How long does it take?

Our alterations are done on a queue system and so the length of time they take is dependent on the amount of work we have in at the time. Generally speaking the turnaround is about 2-3 weeks. We do offer an express service at the price of the alteration plus 40%.

Can you make my garment smaller?

Yes, this is something we do often with both leather and sheepskin. Obviously every design is different and its possible there may be a design feature that prevents the garment from being able to be resized much, but usually taking a garment in is very doable.

Can you make my garment bigger?

Unfortunately, generally no. Leather can’t really be taken out as unlike cloth when it is sewn visible holes will be made in the skin, so if taken apart there would be very noticeable stitch marks. We may in some cases be able to insert a panel but this depends on the garment.

Do I need to book an appointment?

You do not. Please feel free to pop in with your garment at your convenience. The only time we would recommend you call ahead is if your alteration requires tailoring; for example resizing, taking in waist/shoulders, this is so we can ensure you don’t come on Pauline’s day off (we’re a small team). If the job is something less complicated such as a tear in the skin, sleeve shortening or zip replacement, you can generally just turn up.