The leather bomber jacket; a consummate staple in menswear as much as in history, and the embodiment of cool, laidback outerwear. The bomber jacket dates back to World War I, where its every feature was conceived of pure necessity. As most aircraft cockpits were unheated and unenclosed, and with the extreme altitude, breakneck speeds, and temperatures below freezing to consider, it was essential that military pilots be kept warm during flight, without restricting their movement, and so the iconic flight jacket was born.

In 1917, The US Army Aviation Clothing Board was established and soon developed the first design of the bomber jacket. The jacket was made of heavy duty leather and sheepskin, cropped for comfort sitting down, and featured high, wraparound collars and close-fitting cuffs and waistbands to block out the cold wind, as well as spacious sleeves and unstructured shoulders for ease of movement. The jacket proceeded to be subject to countless developments throughout its military adolescence, such as the inclusion of leather strapping for which to attach oxygen masks to, epaulettes to hold headset wires in place, and fur or sheepskin collars for additional warmth. Eventually, the leather bomber jacket transitioned into civilian life, and was adopted by the fashion industry.

Leather Bomber Jacket

The Leather Bomber Jacket – Cromford Leather

We at Cromford Leather Company are awfully fond of the bomber jacket, and rightly so; owing to it the inception of our craft, and as such a number of adaptations of the style feature as a requisite of our collection. Our not so secret favourite is the Douglas flying jacket; our orchestration of the legendry aviator, into which we’ve poured every loving drop of our artisanal blood (not literally). The Douglas employs our signature technique; mounting strong leather cowhide onto lusciously soft shearling, and features beautiful, handmade leather strapping and antique gunmetal buckles, reminiscent of its military ancestors. For more of our luxury leather bomber jacket’s (including this season’s newest styles) head to the collection page of our website, or better yet come and visit us in the shop and channel your inner Maverick.