In a society dominated by a seemingly endless array of mass produced fashion, consulting a bespoke clothing company for one’s sartorial ventures may appear unnecessary and indulgent; certainly bespoke clothing comes with a sizeable price tag, but when you really consider the rationale for making the choice to go bespoke, it adds up to be worth every penny.

The most obvious reason for commissioning a bespoke garment is for the unparalleled fit it offers. When shopping for off-the-peg garments you are at the mercy of the specific shape the brand is designed to cater to; yet the reality is that most people don’t conform to a standardised set of measurements. Generally something is never quite right, be it sleeves that are too long or short, too much room or not enough around the torso, or just something that doesn’t sit comfortably; with bespoke, these issues are eliminated. Furthermore, bespoke garments are not only made to perfectly fit the body, they also have the power to enhance it. A good tailor can create the illusion of broader shoulders, a slimmer waist, longer legs, and a host of additional trickery to flatter your own distinctive nuisance areas.

Bespoke Clothing Company

Cromford Leather – A Bespoke Clothing Company

To move more into the realm of the luxury; the ability to impart your own personality and tastes into every facet of your garment is enough to make the bespoke process an addictive undertaking. With mass produced clothing, more often than not there is a compromise made, if not in a less than perfect fit then in the garment’s design. When you are granted the opportunity to combine your ideas with the expertise of your tailor; whether you are creating something particularly pioneering or very classic; the result remains something truly unique and personal to you.

Finally, the experience of a bespoke commission is unlike any other means of shopping. At the beginning of the bespoke process you enter into a journey with your tailor where you receive a level of care, experience, craftsmanship and attention to detail unparalleled in any other area of the fashion industry, which leaves you not only with a beautiful garment, but also with the satisfaction of having had something devotedly created especially for you.