Since the iconic snakeskin jacket worn by Nicholas Cage in the film Wild at Heart appeared on the silver screen in 1990, there has been a certain cachet around a well cut exotic skin jacket. At Cromford Leather we are able to source the finest quality exotic skins in a wide range of colours. Our bespoke service is perfectly suited to the use of exotic skins as they require highly skilled workmanship, from cutting the skins to assembling a garment to make the absolute most of the unique markings.

Most recently we were commissioned to create a bespoke python skin jacket. Working with the client, we selected a beautiful navy blue python skin from our favoured tannery in France. Python skin has intricate and complex markings, which in themselves make quite a statement, so choosing a classy navy blue in a soft matt finish ensured that the natural beauty of the skin was allowed to speak for itself. Python skin has scales which run in just one direction and our tailor painstakingly cut each piece ensuring the pile was kept uniform whilst showing off the beautiful makings of the skin to the best effect. Whilst python skin is supple, the scales have a firmness to them so the design of the jacket incorporated butter-soft navy leather on the inner cuffs and collar to ensure the jacket was comfortable to wear.

The jacket design was clean and contemporary, using only subtle hardware. Designed to have only the minimal amount of seams to ensure the skin looked simply stunning, not fussy.

exotic skins

Cromford Leather are purveyors of the finest garment weight exotic skins, and we take great pride and pleasure in working with clients to produce beautiful and unique pieces. Whilst some exotic skins, such as alligator, are often treated to have a high gloss finish, we prefer the more understated matt finishes where the beauty of the natural markings can shine through.

If you are interested in our bespoke service or are considering an exotic skin, please contact us and we will be happy to talk through your preferences and answer any questions you may have.