We have two pieces of very exciting news to report this week, and both have everything to do with our dapper friends over at The Rake Magazine; AKA the modern voice of classic elegance.

Last year The Rake launched their very own meticulously curated online atelier, with the goal to showcase and collaborate with some of their choice artisans, craftsmen and women, and luxury names. Rake founder Wei Koh describes the criteria for inclusion in the Rake Atelier’s special projects as “limited only by the condition that in the process of their creation some profoundly talented human being has imparted part of his finite life energy into their birth”. Therefore, we are extremely humbled and very excited to announce that this month we find ourselves in illustrious company, having been welcomed into The Rake Online’s exclusive ecommerce club. Head over to TheRake.com where our ‘Hoffman’ leather safari jacket is now available to buy at the click of a button. The Hoffman is just the start of this new venture, so watch this space!

Our second exciting piece of Rake-related news is that when you pick up a copy of the latest edition of The Rake magazine you will be treated to some beautiful shots of our Hoffman jacket stylishly parading around New York in their gorgeous ‘Urban Safari’ story; dedicated to military inspired outerwear. Rumour has it you may even spot two very well dressed imposters crashing the party pages at the back…

Stay tuned for more updates on our collaborations with The Rake, and for other parties we’ll be inviting ourselves to (until such time as we get banned for stealing hats and drinking all the Negroni’s…)