I am writing this post on International Women’s day, so in the spirit of today I’d like to answer a question we get asked a lot; “Where can I buy exceptional quality womens leather jackets in the UK?. Short answer: CROMFORD LEATHER COMPANY. It’s a common misconception that we are solely a menswear company – not true (FAKE NEWS) – we’re equal opportunities tailors, and as such make womenswear garments as part of our collection, and of course offer bespoke and made to measure for women, in fact, I would go as far as to say we are even women ourselves (with manly hands).

One of our classic women’s styles is our ‘Cecelia’ jacket. We designed this jacket initially out of necessity; realising how difficult it is to find a leather jacket with a stylish centre front fastening for women – there is no shortage of double breasted biker jackets out there, and they look great, but this is one classy number. The panelling creates a gorgeous fit and (particularly for women of a more voluptuous constitution) the centre front zip here is incredibly flattering and elegant.

Womens Leather Jackets In The UK 2


We certainly don’t believe women’s leather jackets need be dainty – far from it (also if this were true I would look like an idiot wearing one). One of our favourite pieces is our women’s ‘Douglas’ flying jacket, which with its tough but luxurious leather mounted on luscious sheepskin (a signature technique of ours) embodies every bit the bold and adventurous spirit of the fighter pilots who originally wore them as does its male counterpart.

On that note, we have a new design that we are pretty excited to unveil…inspired by history’s most famous female aviator; Amelia Earhart; who in addition to being the first ever female pilot (and second ever human pilot) to fly solo across the Atlantic, also found time to release her own range of clothing. Inspired by this, our ‘Amelia’ jacket; made in a gorgeous, deep brown lambskin and featuring a detachable shearling collar, bi-swing action back, and cuff and side buckles; is exactly the kind of a** kicking women’s leather jacket that we love the most.

Womens Leather Jackets In The UK