Made-to-measure is another great option which offers much of the variety, advantages and aspects of bespoke, without the cost. With this alternative, we can make any garment from our collection to your exact measurements, and in a seasonal range of colours for an additional 25% of the cost of the garment.

The made-to-measure process is also similar to bespoke. Visit us in our Chiltern Street store for a personal, expert consultation where we will take your measurements, help you choose from our collection of in-house leathers, discuss the options available with your garment choice and agree on a final design. We will then hand-cut a pattern tailored to you and using our existing patterns as a template, and from this will make a toile, which is an exact replica of your garment but in calico fabric.

Once the toile is complete, you will be able to come in for a fitting where we will amend any fit issues and finalise the design. Traditionally with made-to-measure garments there is no need for further fittings, however if necessary we will retoile and refit the garment a second or third time until it is right.

One of our expert leather tailors will then make the garment exactly to your measurements. From the date of order the process takes approximately four weeks.